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Five Best TV Shows to Replace Breaking Bad

For many of us there is a giant hole that has recently been created in our lives. I am of course talking about that gap that Breaking Bad has left after finishing a few weeks ago. It's always good to have a TV series on the go, so, we've gathered together our five favourites you can watch at the moment to replace your weekly dose of excitement.

1. Homeland

Watch the latest season here on 4od or catch up with Season 1 & 2 by buying the DVDs on Amazon

The obvious choice to replace Breaking Bad. The latest season started up two weeks ago in the UK on Channel 4, and will certainly give you that same weekly helping of tension. The show started out with the premise of an American prisoner coming back from Iraq after being released from years of captivity. The mystery is whether he has been ‘turned' by his captors against the US.

After dozens of twists and turns, it is now more of a general story of the CIA fighting terrorism, though the same brilliant main characters are still bossing it. Whilst the latest season hasn't started all that brilliantly, it is certainly still worth giving a go.


2. Peaky Blinders

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The TV So Realistic It's Scary... Supposedly

TVs are getting better and better so quickly now. Just think, it wasn't so long ago that flat screen TVs were pretty rare and cost A LOT of money. Now you can get huge flat screen, HD, 3D televisions for not all that much.

The technology company LG have found a novel way to advertise their new TV, by convincing people that what they're are seeing is real life. They think that their TVs give the most 'real' picture ever and to prove it they set up a prank on the unsuspecting public. They set up their TVs on the floor of a public lift to then create a terrifying effect whenever anyone entered the lift. 

Well that's what they want you to believe, but YouTube users are a suspicious bunch and reckon it is all a fake. Watch the video above and see what you think.

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