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The Rise of the Student Cinema

At universities up and down the UK lovers of film are joining together and setting up their own cinemas. Though they have been around for years, student cinemas are on the rise. With high definition projectors cheaper than ever, it has never been easier for student societies to create a cinema: for students, by students.

Some student cinemas are run by huge societies, with daily screenings in large lecture theatres. Others are far smaller, intimate groups of people who put on their own weekly screenings for other fanatics. Either way, there is no great secret why student cinemas are so popular- they have loads of benefits over traditional chains.

Cheaper Tickets

The most obvious benefit is the price. Cinema tickets seem to be going up in price all the time, and chances are you're going to have to shell out over a tenner for a ticket at most cinemas these days. In contrast, you can go and watch a film at a student cinema from just £2. Most student cinemas also have membership schemes, making tickets even cheaper for regular filmgoers.

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Proofreading Your Essays: DIY or Hire a Proofreading Service?

Few things can cost you precious marks from your university assignments as easily as errors of grammar and punctuation. That is why proofreading and editing of your essays and reports are critically important to securing your best possible grades.

Ultimately, hiring a professional proofreader to review your writing is the optimal approach (for example, this proofreading service or another here). They have the skills, knowledge and, perhaps most importantly, the fresh eyes to give your work a rigorous analysis.

However, the downsides to using a professional proofreading service are that it can be quite costly. Furthermore, it may not be practical if you have only a matter of hours before the submission deadline or the text in question is very short, such as an email correspondence. In such situations, rolling up your sleeves and doing the proofreading yourself is the best available option.

DIY Proofreading Top Tips

Here are some general tips for proofreading your own writing:

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How Parents Struggle To Pay Kids' College Debts

College Debts - The Real Facts

Many parents now wonder whether or not they should take loans to pay college tuition for their children. Some parents have become very cautious because they see other parents struggle to pay the debt. The question is why has college debt become such a big deal? Of course, debt is a scary word and parents understand that it is nothing less than going through a rough patch.

Having said all this, it is really difficult for parents to make a decision when it comes to applying for a student loan. All sorts of thoughts are going through their mind. Thoughts like: what will happen if they are unable to stay true to the commitment they've made with the lending company?' Most parents are even scared to think about the consequences of a large college debt.

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Record Numbers of Early University Applications

Early applications to certain courses and universities in England have been higher than ever before UCAS has revealed. Despite increased tuition fees, applications to Oxford and Cambridge universities as well as dentistry, medicine and veterinary courses are up 2% on last year.

These universities and courses have an earlier deadline for students than all others, with a cut off point of 15th October for applications. That didn't stop almost 57,000 hopeful candidates from applying and UCAS chief executive Mary Curnock Cook revealed she "remains optimistic about overall demand in the 2013 cycle".

Big Foreign Student Increases

Of the extra students, it is EU and international student numbers that have increased the most. Applications from Europe rose 1.8% on last year, whilst the international student applications increased a sizable 5.1%. This increase is in spite of the stricter visa laws that have been introduced over the past few years and shows quite how desirable the UK still is as a place of study.

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Five Ways to Stay Feeling Healthy (Even if You’re Not)

Starting a new year at university is one of the times when staying fit and healthy usually takes a back seat. Chances are your body will be taking quite a bit of punishment at the moment, with late nights, alcohol and a ‘creative' diet not especially helping.

Whilst it is pretty unrealistic to think that you can stay at the peak of health throughout university, you can at least make yourself feel as though you're reasonably healthy. Here we have our top five tips to achieve just that during the busy first months at university. Some are just plain, good advice for staying healthy, others are cheats that can trick your body in to thinking everything is well.

1) Exercise

Ok this is not exactly revolutionary advice, but it's amazing how much better you feel after doing some exercise, even if its just a walk into lectures. Whilst the university sports centre may seem expensive now, believe me, it is waayyy cheaper than regular sports centres, so make use of it.

Find a friend who enjoys the same sport as you and set a time and day each week that you play against each other. Make it competitive and you're less likely to duck out with a hangover. One more thing- for the next 6 months, indoors is better, as bad weather can be an easy excuse to stay in bed.

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