The 5 Best Pictures on the Internet

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You know those images that appear on your Facebook every now and then? You know, the funny ones of cats doing a dance or a student tricking their drunk friend. Everyone enjoys them right? Well, we've collected some of the best together for your pleasure below, so sit back, relax and enjoy. Which is your favourite?


5. Actress Zooey Deschanel makes sure her nails are well dressed

Nail Varnish


4. When a friend has a set of armour from the movie 300, you've got to try it on...

300 Armour


3. The perils of being arrested in the middle of a haircut



2. Cat Facts, or why you shouldn't share your phone number on Facebook

Cat Facts


1. The sweetest letter about Tiger bread in Sainsbury's...

Sainsburys Letter

...And the brilliant reply

Sainsburys Letter Reply

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