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Things You Need To Consider As A Foreign Student

It's not easy being a student, never mind an international student - with procedures completely different to what you're used to, it can be confusing to get your head straight. We've put together some tips which are sure to help your studying a little smoother.

First Things First - What Course Are You Taking?

It may sound simple, but you need to make sure you know what degree you're studying. It's important to do something you are passionate about, as there will be lots of help and support if you are academically weaker, but not much to help if you hate the subject. You also need to consider the type of degree you're studying - whether you're going to college in person and staying on campus, or whether an online masters program in Boston, MA is more your thing. If you're focusing on a particular profession, we recommend seeing if there are any educational requirements.

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Can Online Investing Provide Your Online Business with the Liquidity that it Needs?

One of the most profound hurdles facing any online startup venture is a lack of liquidity. Not only can this cripple what could have otherwise represented an excellent business venture, but such a situation could stifle your dreams from the very beginning. We are all aware that there are countless ways to make a bit of extra money that can be funnelled back into your enterprise and yet, some are more effective than others. One increasingly popular trend involves the notion of online investing. Can digital trading represent a viable alternative to other possibilities? How realistic is it to expect handsome returns? What are some of the best practices to adopt from the very beginning in order to minimise your perceived levels of risk? If you are interested in what such a possibility has to offer, the information presented below is likely to come in handy. 

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The Free Online Future of Higher Education?

The digital revolution has led to many societal and cultural changes. Nowadays people tend to use electronic technologies anywhere and anytime. University students take notes on their laptops and on their iPads or tablets, they do research on the web library because the internet is a huge database without limitations, and also a time saver.

More and more websites are opening free online classes called MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses), which attract students massively. With web sites offering students the possibility to learn online, their popularity questions the future of higher education. Is this the future of higher education?

The Benefits of Online Courses

Every semester students have to register for their modules, hence everyone goes through the module descriptions and requirements to choose subjects of their interest. No one wants to pay for a module that won't interest them much, as they won't put much effort into it.

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Learning Social Media by Taking College Courses Online

In today's business economy, nothing can be more important than a skill such as the mastery of social media. When a person can communicate effectively using Facebook or Twitter, he or she can attract thousands of new people to a business's products or services. Businesses now have a growing demand for qualified individuals who have social media expertise. If you want to make yourself stand out in today's competitive job market, then developing skills in being able to use technology will help you land your dream job.

Take Social Media Courses

Online colleges now offer social media courses for individuals. You do not have to enroll in a degree program to take one of these classes. You may find that taking only one or two specialized courses gives you the knowledge that you need to master the use of social media. You can also contact students who have taken particular courses to find out whether they had a positive experience in taking the course. If you are truly concerned about the material that will be covered in a social media course, then you may also want to get in touch with a professor before the start of the semester.

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See the Historic Wonders of the World with New Google Project

Surely seeing the ruins of Pompeii, or Stonehenge, or maybe the Palace of Versailles is a life ambition for most people? However, chances are, you haven't seen as many of the world's historic monuments that you would like to. To play on this, Google have introduced a new initiative called the World Wonders Project.

It allows people to see 132 historic sites from 18 different countries, using Google StreetView. As well as being able to explore each site online, the project also includes 3D models, pictures and YouTube videos of the sites. Google are hoping that not only will it be a quick new way to see sites you're interested in, but that it will also act as a learning resource.

Whilst the sites may not be quite as impressive as they are in real life, it is quite interesting and certainly a worthy 10 minute distraction from revision. You can find out more about the project in the video below, or start exploring at

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