British Education: Keep it Clean

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I do believe in a world without borders and I strongly support the free circulation of people among countries. The planet where we live does not belong to us: it is just our temporary home not buyable with money. Therefore we should not apply any restrictive rule as we do not concretely possess any land.

Immigration and emigration are two aspects which have always characterized human beings; there will always be eras of regression that lead groups of people to move and settle down in different areas. Despite some governments' efforts to eliminate this aspect, there is nothing we can do as immigration is a natural process of survival.

Of course there have to be rules and procedures that regulate immigration, and governments should take action against those who represent a threat to the society and the economy of a country. However, an en-masse prohibition is not the right answer and, unfortunately, it is exactly what is being suggested amongst the UK government, where plans to discourage overseas students to come to the UK have been being whispered for months.

Being an empire of invaders for centuries, it is funny how the UK easily forgot its golden ages of invasions and is now trying to stop overseas students from coming ashore.

Education is a right and people who leave their homelands in order to study are highly motivated, willing to learn and they should be able to invest in their own future.

As the chief executive of the Universities UK group, Nicola Dandridge, points out: "It is vital that the UK offers a welcoming environment for genuine international students".

Overseas Students Punished

Not only have universities in the UK been exploiting foreign students by applying ridiculously high fees, but now the government is acting all fussy and, unable to control EU immigration, is punishing overseas students.

"This policy is - there's no other word for it - stupid", the blogger Jonn argues on, "It sends the message that this city, and its education system, is closed for business. It leaves the people who will run the world of the future with a terrible impression of Britain and its people".

Moreover, the manoeuvre that the UK government is trying to pull is counterproductive: education is one of the pillars of the UK economy and any restriction to the immigration means less income. Foreign students who move to the UK not only invest money in education but also in accommodation, food, recreational activities and - contrary to what the home secretary Theresa May demands: "If you want to study here, you have to be able to support yourself financially without working"- they often work. All these are major contributions to the production and the circulation of money at a national and international level.

We do not want you, go away!, is the message perceived overseas with the result that students will soon look somewhere else and, consequently, the UK economy, as well as the society, will be dramatically affected by this loss.

Ludovica Iaccino is an Italian who graduated in international journalism and is currently living in London. Read more posts by her here.

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