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I see it! I see it! It's the finishing line. Three years has gone by so quickly.  I feel like London has become my 'home away from home.' A bitter sweet moment as I think of returning to the Seychelles and leaving my life here behind.

As the months draw near, every so often a tear rolls off my cheek as I think of this part of my life coming to an end. In 2009, it felt like I would be embarking on the longest journey of achievement ever and three years down the line, it does not feel long enough. Where has the time gone by? I feel sad as I think of leaving my friends, my 'chosen' siblings and the city of lights.

No Regrets

It must be said though, I have no regrets. I have met people who have made me laugh to tears, smile to my ears and love without boundaries. The same people I now have to leave behind as each of us follow our own paths. Saying Goodbye is indeed the hardest word. Although, I will remember them forever for making this journey bearable and memorable. I can only hope we keep in touch.

I worked hard to attain this opportunity of studying abroad and have made use of every opportunity that has crossed my path: from working on the 7thfloor of a 30 storey building of an international law firm, volunteering at law centres and meeting and lunching with the top barristers. I took advantage of all Legal London had to offer. Also, I have travelled widely, exploring London itself, Scotland, Belgium, Spain, The Netherlands and Switzerland.  The journeys are marked and the stories to tell are ample. Nothing I could have done so easily from the Seychelles.  Indeed I will fly away with no regrets.

What Now

The more stressing question to leaving is: "WHY DID I SHOP SO MUCH? "  What to do with all the clothes, the shoes and the books? Certainly, some of the things will have to go to charity and the others I will have to plan as to how to fly it across the Mediterranean Sea, across the African Continent and onto my little island. The anxiety develops as the fear of the unknown returns to haunt my thoughts of the future. What will life be like when I return? Will it be just like I left it or will people have changed? Will I be happy? Which job will I decide to do? Then what? The questions pile up and you swirl into the realms of the unknown and all we can do is 'wait and see.'

Studying abroad can be one of the best times of your life. I can only say embrace the independence, embark on the opportunities and make true friends that make this journey worth it.

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