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Marketing Ideas To Share With Your New Employer

Graduating from school is a big accomplishment. You've studied hard and are now ready to put your skills to work. It's only logical that you want to make a great first impression. Let your new employer know you're ready to tackle whatever projects necessary and that you're coming to the table with suggestions too.

Don't be afraid to voice your opinion and let the team know what you have to offer. Remember all you learned in school and let it springboard you into a confident state of mind. Understand that they may not use all of your proposals, but it's worth a shot. See marketing ideas to share with your new employer.

Online Advertising

Not all companies are online, believe it or not. Never underestimate the power of the Internet. Buy ads and promote your business and products where your customers are searching. Use online advertising to target specific people and ensure they run into your ad as they're scouring the Internet. People don't like ads, but online advertising is usually subtle and part of their experience online. Be creative and come up with catchy language to draw them in.

In-Person Events

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Graduate Career Prospects: How to Get ahead of the Game

The percentage of graduates in the UK population is going up every year according to the Office for National Statistics. A record 38% of people in the UK possessed a degree in 2013 compared to 17% in 1992. The recession has had an obvious effect on the job market and an increasing number of graduates are entering jobs in Scotland and throughout the rest of the UK that don't require a degree. There are still plenty of graduate opportunities out there, though, and a number of ways that you can get ahead of the game when job hunting. Here are some tips to help you on your way.

Work Experience Pays Off

Since so many people now have degrees, employers are often looking for people who have practical as well as academic experience. While you're still at university, search for work experience within a relevant sector. If you're undecided between two different career paths it won't hurt to gain experience in both. Not only will it look great on your CV, but the work will help you decide whether that career path really is for you.

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I see it! I see it! It's the finishing line. Three years has gone by so quickly.  I feel like London has become my 'home away from home.' A bitter sweet moment as I think of returning to the Seychelles and leaving my life here behind.

As the months draw near, every so often a tear rolls off my cheek as I think of this part of my life coming to an end. In 2009, it felt like I would be embarking on the longest journey of achievement ever and three years down the line, it does not feel long enough. Where has the time gone by? I feel sad as I think of leaving my friends, my 'chosen' siblings and the city of lights.

No Regrets

It must be said though, I have no regrets. I have met people who have made me laugh to tears, smile to my ears and love without boundaries. The same people I now have to leave behind as each of us follow our own paths. Saying Goodbye is indeed the hardest word. Although, I will remember them forever for making this journey bearable and memorable. I can only hope we keep in touch.

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