Frugal Students Life: Money Saving Tips

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If you're an ordinary student, you probably know what it's like to be broke. Who can resist all those parties, take-out meals and Starbucks drinks? Plus, the price of schooling and textbooks is skyrocketing around the world. However, there are a few things you can do that will relieve some pressure off your wallet and save you from living on ramen noodles and air. 

Switch to cash

If you're living off of student loans, you're living on borrowed money. This means you have debt, so don't sink any deeper by over-spending which can be very easy when you're using credit cards. Instead, switch to cash, so you have a better overview of your spending and how much money you have left. 

Get a roomie

If you can't live with your parents, look for a good roommate that will make paying rent a little easier. Apartments today can be quite pricey, so a reliable roomie will allow you to save half of the living costs. 

Lower your phone bill

Most people are fuming that they have to pay that much to cellphone providers. However, you can cut your expenses by removing a few things from your phone plan. First, you can ditch a long-term contract and choose to go Prepaid that will limit your cellphone usage time. As you reduce the time you spend on your phone, you'll not only make things easier for your wallet but also see improvement in your academic performance. Save phone time for home phones, replace texting with apps and save browsing for WiFi. 

Use public transportation

Driving yourself is pretty convenient and cozy, but if you're trying to save up, it's much smarter to switch to public transport. This is one of the easiest money saving tips for students because you'll always get to your destination in time yet avoid any gas and insurance costs. If you choose train or subway, you can also avoid time-consuming traffic jams and reduce pollution. Forget about maintenance and toll roads as well, and you can even hit the bar for drinks after class without any worry. 

Hit the grocery store

Fast food is tasty, available 24/7 and cheap, so many students can't resist the temptation. However, if you rely on it too much, the costs will pile up and you'll find yourself broke in no time. So, make sure to hit your local grocery store once a week and buy some real food. If you live with a roommate, you can take them with you and split the costs of family-sized items that are always cheaper in the long run. When you come home, prepare larger meals that can be split into a few smaller meals you can enjoy throughout the week. If you're not a very good cook, don't worry-there are amazing easy recipes you'll surely nail. 

Get into couponing

You don't have to become obsessed in order to make some use of coupons. If you just get in the habit of checking out some offers, you'll acquire a skill you can use for the rest of your college days and beyond. Pro tip: some coupons work with sails, so make sure to learn about coupon matchups for great savings. 

Use discounts

Student price cards are a great and easy way to save. They usually cost under $10 per year, yet they offer discounts on fashion, eating out, lifestyle and travel. Just remember to always carry your student ID with you in case the cashier asks to see it. 

Go out on student nights

If you love to go out and party, this one's for you. Keep your eyes open for student nights (these usually happen during the week) and you can save a lot of money on drinks and admissions. Sometimes, you can even get in for free, so forget about weekend nights out and enjoy frugal living with student nights. 

Next time you're tempted to make an impulse purchase or order takeout, remember these tips and all the money you could be saving. It will all be worth it in the future when it's time to pay off your loans. 

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