Great Tips to Make Your Graduate Resume Stand Out

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Applying for your first job once you graduate can be challenging. You might have a great degree but so will many other applicants. You may even be coming up against people with much more work experience in the field. With more people than ever applying for every graduate job, you need to find ways to make sure your resume stands out and makes it to the top of the pile.

What Makes You Different?

When trying to make your resume stand out, finding out what makes you stand out and what could make your resume different from all the others is a great start. Studying in a different country as a foreign student gives you a unique experience. It shows you're not afraid of a challenge and that you can easily get to know new people and fit into new situations. Studying online for an online masters in accounting is another unique learning experience. Going out of your way to study online shows you have a huge level of commitment to your chosen subject.


Keep it clean. Make sure the paper is crisp, white, and of high-quality. Prospective employers will get a first impression from their first glance at your resume. It's important.

Easy to Read

Don't use fancy and over complicated fonts. Employers could have 100's of resumes to read. They might not bother if it is difficult. Use a simple, easy to read font in a sensible size. Try to keep your layout simple too. You don't need borders or decoration.

Short and Sweet

A good resume should be at most two sides of A4. You need to include qualifications, work experience, references and relevant skills, but that's it. Don't feel the need to mention everything you've ever done.

Highlight Your Skills

Think about your experiences, both in life and education, as well as your hobbies and interests. Have you gained any relevant skills from them? For those studying for an online masters of accounting degree, you'll have developed great organizational skills as well as the ability to self-motivate. Don't mention every interest you have; just mention the ones that can help you.

Tailor it to the Job

It's obvious to employers if you are sending out a generic resume in application for any job going. When you're thinking about applying for a job do some research on the company, carefully read the job description and tailor your resume to match. You can add any skills you think are relevant as well as any life experiences you think could help you in the role. You could also include a cover letter, briefly describing what you feel you could bring to the job you are applying for.

Once you've got some work experience it's much easier to find work or gain promotions. However, for that first graduate job, your resume needs to be great. Think about it carefully, follow these tips and ask your tutor, a friend or one of your references to read through it for you and offer you some feedback. Good luck with your job search!

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