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Marketing Ideas To Share With Your New Employer

Graduating from school is a big accomplishment. You've studied hard and are now ready to put your skills to work. It's only logical that you want to make a great first impression. Let your new employer know you're ready to tackle whatever projects necessary and that you're coming to the table with suggestions too.

Don't be afraid to voice your opinion and let the team know what you have to offer. Remember all you learned in school and let it springboard you into a confident state of mind. Understand that they may not use all of your proposals, but it's worth a shot. See marketing ideas to share with your new employer.

Online Advertising

Not all companies are online, believe it or not. Never underestimate the power of the Internet. Buy ads and promote your business and products where your customers are searching. Use online advertising to target specific people and ensure they run into your ad as they're scouring the Internet. People don't like ads, but online advertising is usually subtle and part of their experience online. Be creative and come up with catchy language to draw them in.

In-Person Events

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Great Tips to Make Your Graduate Resume Stand Out

Applying for your first job once you graduate can be challenging. You might have a great degree but so will many other applicants. You may even be coming up against people with much more work experience in the field. With more people than ever applying for every graduate job, you need to find ways to make sure your resume stands out and makes it to the top of the pile.

What Makes You Different?

When trying to make your resume stand out, finding out what makes you stand out and what could make your resume different from all the others is a great start. Studying in a different country as a foreign student gives you a unique experience. It shows you're not afraid of a challenge and that you can easily get to know new people and fit into new situations. Studying online for an online masters in accounting is another unique learning experience. Going out of your way to study online shows you have a huge level of commitment to your chosen subject.


Keep it clean. Make sure the paper is crisp, white, and of high-quality. Prospective employers will get a first impression from their first glance at your resume. It's important.

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Delhi at a Glance

As part of India Week, Aleksandra Gracjasz, a student at the University of York, describes her experiences of the second biggest city in India- Delhi

"One of the best places to get lost in India is without a doubt its former capital. Delhi covers more than a thousand km2 and is the second largest metropolis by population in India, right after Mumbai. With its great historical monuments, web of narrow, winding, noisy alleys and modern, outstanding buildings, Delhi provides an unforgettable experience.

Delhi was my first and last stop each time I visited India. It took me on an emotional journey beginning with fascination, through fear and disgust, ending with hate and absolute relief to leave. Once I found myself back home though, an unfathomable feeling of sorrow and nostalgia started developing within me. Then I realised how much I missed it, with all its drawbacks that I had not been able to accept initially.

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Improving the International Student Experience

With international students paying upwards of £10,000 for each year of study in the UK, it takes a top class experience to make them feel they have got value for money. New British students can struggle with arranging accommodation, finding a part-time job, making friends and managing their studies, but for international students all this can be ten times harder.

Arriving alone in a new country that speaks a foreign language can be one of the most difficult things to do, and universities have a duty to make it as easy as possible for new students. However, do they currently help enough? For every international student who finds arriving and settling in a painless process, there is a story of struggle. Even if universities are currently helping every step of the way, there is always room for improvement.

Equally, now, more than ever, not only is it the universities' duty, but it is actually essential to their survival that they keep their international students happy. The financial benefit of students from around the world (not to mention the welcome cultural diversity they bring) is now indispensible to the Higher Education sector in the UK.

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