How Important is Good and Affordable Coffee for Students?

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Coffee is an essential part of many students' day; the caffeine boost keeps you going through long lectures and when studying all night for exams. The problem is that buying coffee each day can be expensive and when you add up what you have spent over a year, you could probably afford high quality commercial espresso machines by Coffechino.

Save Money

Students survive on a tight budget; often this requires working part time to ensure you can afford some of the little luxuries you enjoy, such as your daily cups of coffee. Wherever possible you need to save money and with commercial espresso machines by Coffechino, there can be an enormous saving over a period of time.

On campus you can find coffee just about anywhere, at the cafeteria and even at the library, but you are going to pay for this small energy boost. Coffee by the cup doesn't come cheap and you may need that added boost to get your through the day.

A student's life is gruelling; you have exams, studying and living to do. Combining these all together is only something someone young can manage. Being a foreign student in a new country, you may not realise the expense that the smaller luxuries can cost, such as your daily cup of caffeine.


As exam time comes around everyone is studying through the night, it's long hours and leaves you exhausted and unable to concentrate. You know you need to keep going yet it seems impossible.

This is when students turn to the coffee outlets, paying a fortune for one cup of caffeine to help them get through those long nights, enabling them to stay awake and concentrate.

The next day is the exam, after an all-nighter this seems impossible, you are drained, tired and concentration seems to be lost. Having an espresso machine, you are able to have coffee on hand when you need it; it will cost you much less than buying each day and you will be able to stay awake through the night with good quality coffee.


Imagine you have arrived at university, you are in a strange country and don't know anyone yet. You don't know the city you are in and have to go and search for coffee to help you stay awake during lectures.

When you do find the coffee on campus, it's expensive. It may not seem expensive at first but a couple of cups a day will soon eat into your student budget. Having coffee at home can give you the boost you need before heading out for the day, it's readily available as and when you want it and it won't cost you as much as it would if you found it on campus or at a nearby coffee shop.

Having coffee at home is an added convenience, it doesn't require you venturing into a city you don't know at night in search of that perfect cup of coffee to help you get through an all-night study session, so it not only saves you money, but precious time as well.

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