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A British Tradition: The Beer Festival

On a wet Saturday afternoon this weekend I caught the train out of London, away from the traffic and bustle of the city. My destination was the annual beer festival at a small country village called Penn Street. I grew up nearby, but I'd never been to the festival before, and so decided what better way to spend a weekend than drinking fine beers.

Beer is one of the great British drinks, and beer festivals are one of the great British traditions. There are hundreds of breweries up and down the country, each proud of their particular beer. At a festival, you can forget the watery, fizzy lagers of bars, and instead indulge in ales, bitters and porters.

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How Important is Good and Affordable Coffee for Students?

Coffee is an essential part of many students' day; the caffeine boost keeps you going through long lectures and when studying all night for exams. The problem is that buying coffee each day can be expensive and when you add up what you have spent over a year, you could probably afford high quality commercial espresso machines

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