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A-Levels: If it is Anything Below an ‘A’ Do We Really Care?

We often discuss the stress and anxiety that comes with A-levels, but today I beg the question: what is their real purpose in everyday teenagers' lives? And why do we fail as a society to see the true meaning that each brown paper envelope holds to each individual?

Take Tom Daley for instance. He is young, talented, sporty and good looking- his rise to fame through his Olympic bronze last summer would suggest his astonishing A* A A, outcome on Thursday was simply a stroke of luck and means nothing to the young star. This argument in retrospect seems quite likely, so why on earth would heart throb Tom Daley need three A-levels at Russell group level to succeed in life? Quite simply, he doesn't.

Now we travel to the other end of the spectrum and in fact the other side of the world when we think of Katie Gee and Kirstie Trup. Two incredible 18-year-old girls not known due to Olympic stardom, but instead as victims in the horrific acid attack that happened last week as the girls continued their charity work at an orphanage in Tanzania. Their results and acceptance to the universities of their choice means the world to these girls, so I again suggest that we as a society fail to see the true meaning of each brown paper envelope to each student.

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Best Ways to Keep Your Eyes Fit During Exams

Over the last few years, the number of people using specs and contact lens has greatly increased. Experts blame several things for this, such as the excessive use of computers. It has been proven that putting too much pressure on our eyes affects them in a very negative way. It is very important to take care of the eyes so that they can stay fit for an extended period of time.

Many say that using high quality lens is good, especially when they can get lenses discount code. No disagreement, high quality lenses are actually good, but there are better solutions to keep your eyes fit, especially if you are a university student preparing for exams.

There are several eye exercises that can help your eyes in the long run. Below are eight ways in which vision improvement exercises will keep university students' eyes fit during exams.

1. More Concentration

Vision improvement exercises help students concentrate better. A common problem that students face is reading/copying words wrongly. They cannot even point out a mistake during proofreading due to poor concentration. By following techniques such as palming, this problem can be reduced to a great extent.

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How Important is Good and Affordable Coffee for Students?

Coffee is an essential part of many students' day; the caffeine boost keeps you going through long lectures and when studying all night for exams. The problem is that buying coffee each day can be expensive and when you add up what you have spent over a year, you could probably afford high quality commercial espresso machines

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