Marketing Ideas To Share With Your New Employer

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Graduating from school is a big accomplishment. You've studied hard and are now ready to put your skills to work. It's only logical that you want to make a great first impression. Let your new employer know you're ready to tackle whatever projects necessary and that you're coming to the table with suggestions too.

Don't be afraid to voice your opinion and let the team know what you have to offer. Remember all you learned in school and let it springboard you into a confident state of mind. Understand that they may not use all of your proposals, but it's worth a shot. See marketing ideas to share with your new employer.

Online Advertising

Not all companies are online, believe it or not. Never underestimate the power of the Internet. Buy ads and promote your business and products where your customers are searching. Use online advertising to target specific people and ensure they run into your ad as they're scouring the Internet. People don't like ads, but online advertising is usually subtle and part of their experience online. Be creative and come up with catchy language to draw them in.

In-Person Events

A great suggestion is to meet with your clients face-to-face. Host an event and wine and dine them to show your appreciation for their business and win new customers. Mingle with your guests and have a short presentation to highlight your key points. Answer their questions and put a face to your business. Let customers try out your product and see the benefits for themselves. Put it in their hands or let them taste it if it's a food or drink product. Leave them with special offers and coupons they can use after they leave the event.   


Explain to your company how perfect a brochure is for communicating to customers the benefits of your business. It's your chance to think creatively and come to an agreement about what makes your product special. Go online and walk through the steps for how to make a brochure. It's easy and requires no design skills to create. An eye-catching brochure is a key part of any company's marketing campaign. Tell a story and showcase your products without having to hire a professional designer. Use this marketing material in your store, online and when you meet with clients individually.

Build A Community

Start seeing your customers as part of a larger community. Get on social media and engage with them as a group. Use your website to house information and host a customer care center where they can ask questions and give feedback. Building a community will also help you earn referrals from friends and families of the happy customers. Make your clients feel special and appreciated every chance you get. Encourage customers to share their experiences with others and on social media.


Taking the leap from school to working a real job is exciting and a bit scary. Don't let your nerves get the best of you. Use the knowledge you learned in school to impress your future colleagues. These are marketing ideas to share with your new employer. 

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