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Indian Tea Tasting: Ceylon

For India Week, we will be trying a different blend of Indian Tea every day of the week and giving our own opinions of it, as well as a little of the history. Today's tea is Ceylon.

"And now, the end is near, and so I face the final curtain..." We've reached the final day of India Week and the final taste of a new Indian tea. Still, we're ending with a bang, with possibly our favourite tea of the week- Ceylon.

Ceylon is simply the old name for Sri Lanka, so it comes as no surprise that this tea is made from a blend of black teas from that very country. The strength of flavour falls right in the middle of all the other teas we have tried this week. Not as delicate a flavour as Darjeeling, but not as strong as Assam, and certainly not as distinctly flavoured as the Bombay Chai or Mango.

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