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Studying in Dubai: Life Outside of Lectures


If you're studying in Dubai you'll be living in one of the most thriving, cosmopolitan cities in the world. Nearly half a million students choose to study in Dubai and this United Arab Emirates (UAE) city has a great deal to offer when it comes to off-campus activities.
Dubai offers a very high standard of living and boasts a diverse international student mix. Of course it doesn't hurt Dubai's popularity that this Emirate also has plenty of glamorous nightlife options, superb shopping and restaurants, not to mention some amazing beaches.

Eating in and out in Dubai

A reasonably low cost of living means that eating out in Dubai is inexpensive and there are plenty of value for money restaurants and cafes in the city. Dubai also hosts the big name international restaurants and coffee shops as well as some great-low cost traditional eating options in the markets and bazaars. You can enjoy immense shopping malls such as the Mall of Emirates, home to cinemas, 500 retail units, one of the world's biggest indoor ski resorts and around 100 dining establishments. You'd also be in luck if you prefer to order food in while you're studying, since there are plenty of Dubai delivery restaurants serving just about every cuisine imaginable.

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