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7 Best Things to do for Halloween

With Halloween coming up this week, we've brought together some of the best ideas around to make the spooky holiday a little different this year. From making your own costume, to spending the night in dungeons, to carving a David Cameron pumpkin(?!), have a look at the brilliant ideas from around the web below.


1) Watch a Horror Movie

One of easiest ways to get in the mood is to scare yourself with a horror film. Whether you prefer monsters, the paranormal, zombies, vampires or plain old evil humans, there will be something to scare you silly.

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London's Best Halloween Events

With Halloween on Monday, there are loads of special spooky events happening across London this weekend. Whether you prefer to scare yourself with horror films, dress up and go partying or have a hands-on haunted experience, there will be something for you. Here we bring you some of the most terrifying-ly good (see what we've done there?) events in the Capital:

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