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The UK Today: 2011 Census Results

Figures from the latest census were published this week, with in-depth statistics about the population of Britain in 2011. Every ten years the whole of the population are sent a survey which they have to fill out about everything from the number of children they have, to their religion, to their occupation.

There is so much information that it can be hard to pick out the important facts, so here we have a few of the more interesting points from the survey:

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Most Watched YouTube Videos of 2011

YouTube has revealed that the most watched videos of 2011 include a cartoon cat, a royal wedding spoof and a Charlie Sheen remix. However, the crown for the number 1 most viewed video in the UK this year has gone to 'Ultimate Dog Tease'- a comedy clip of a dog pretending to talk. 

The video site unveiled the top videos of the year both globally and in the UK, with the UK versions claiming a combined total of over 300 million views, and the gobal ones boasting an incredible 650 million. 

Whilst Rebecca Black with her infamously bad 'Friday' song only made 8th place in UK views, she topped the world chart with a staggering 180 million views worldwide. The winning UK entry shows a dog moving its mouth whilst its owner teases him with food and talks over the top.

Have a look at the UK top ten below to find your favourite.

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And the Christmas Number One Is…?

With Christmas just five days away now, no one is bothered about buying presents, putting up decorations or buying food. Instead the question on everyone's mind is ‘who is going to be UK Christmas Number 1?'

In the UK the song that is top of the singles chart on Christmas Day takes the coveted Christmas Number 1 title. Here we take you through the possible contenders this year, with the usual mix of reality show winners, novelty acts and tearjerkers:


Military Wives Choir- Wherever You Are

This choir is unique in the fact that it is made up of only women whose husbands are in the military. It was put together by conductor Gareth Malone as part of a BBC TV show, and this is their first single.

The lyrics are inspired by letters to and from their soldier husbands, and this group of regular women from Devon are now huge favourites to be 2011 Christmas Number 1.

Latest Odds: 1/16 (Favourites)

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SantaCon 2011 in London

If you were in central London this weekend then you may have stumbled upon the unusual sight of a thousand Santas gathered together. For you see, Saturday marked the annual SantaCon event in London, and ForeignStudents.com Editor Andy was there to see it.

This was my first experience of SantaCon and I had no idea what to expect. I knew the basic idea behind it: as many people as possible all meet up dressed as Santa Claus and then proceed to spread Christmas cheer throughout the streets (whilst getting a little ‘merry' in pubs throughout the day). Each year the event takes place in hundreds of cities around the world, in dozens of different countries. This year similar events were held in New York, Munich, San Francisco, Glasgow and Sydney to name just a few.

However, for the London one we were to meet in Trafalgar Square (there was an early start at Victoria but it was a little too early for me on a Saturday morning). Before I arrived there was the slight doubt that it was all an elaborate hoax and I would be the only one dressed up. However, there was certainly no need to worry about that.

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London's Best Halloween Events

With Halloween on Monday, there are loads of special spooky events happening across London this weekend. Whether you prefer to scare yourself with horror films, dress up and go partying or have a hands-on haunted experience, there will be something for you. Here we bring you some of the most terrifying-ly good (see what we've done there?) events in the Capital:

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