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Boris Johnson Re-elected as London Mayor

Boris Johnson retained his position as Mayor of London after the results of last Thursday's election were revealed over the weekend. The contest was far closer than many predicted, with Boris beating his Labour party rival Ken Livingstone by just 3%.

It is the second time that the two candidates had faced each other in the London mayoral election, and between them they have shared the post ever since its creation in 2000. Overall, Boris Johnson took 44% of the votes, versus Ken Livingtsone's 40.3%, with the various other candidates taking less than 16% between them (see all the candidate profiles).

In reaction to the final count, Boris vowed to "continue to fight for a good deal for Londoners, a good deal from government", whilst Ken announced his retirement from frontline politics, revealing "this will be my last election".

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London Mayoral Election 2012

Millions of people throughout London will (hopefully) be heading to polling stations today to vote on their next Mayor of London. There have only ever been two mayors since the position was created in 2000. Ken Livingstone held it for 8 years, before the current mayor, Boris Johnson, took over in 2008. So, you'll never guess who the two frontrunners are this year.

That's right, the mayoral election is looking like a straight up two-way battle between Boris and Ken...again. However, though you wouldn't know it, there are other candidates. Here we give a run down of all the main candidates and what changes they are likely to make to the Capital if they get in to power.

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