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Revealed: Banksy's Method for 'Shop 'Til You Drop'

After being the first to expose a brand new piece of graffiti that has all the characteristics of street artist Banksy, can now exclusively reveal how it was created. The piece is over two storeys up and rumour has been rife as to how the artist produced it. However, as the photo above (taken last Sunday 20th November) shows, an elaborate scaffold was set up to make sure nobody caught the artist in the act.

It all started on the morning of last Saturday (19th November), when two men began unloading scaffolding from a white van. As one began erecting the scaffolding, the other walked up and down protectively. By 2pm the scaffold was finished and white tarpaulin covered parts of it.

Thinking the scaffolding was the start of construction work planned to redevelop the disused building, a member of staff came back that night and took a photo (photo 1 below).

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