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London 2012 Olympic Torch Unveiled

The design for the London 2012 Olympic torch which will be carried throughout the UK next year has been unveiled. The golden cone will travel 8,000 miles over 70 days next summer, before arriving in London for the opening ceremony on 27th July.

The torch was designed by east London designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby and has been built to allow the flames to burn out through the 8,000 tiny holes for onlookers to see. These holes also represent the 8,000 people who will be carrying the torch and add the functional purpose of making the torch light enough for children to carry.


Style and Function


Indeed, this matching of style, symbolism and practicality was something at the forefront of the designers' minds: 

"We felt it should be something that's really beautiful and simple, but it had to feel like a functional object, a piece of sporting equipment like a baton"

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Olympic Torch Begins Its Journey

It is Day 3 of the Olympic torch's relay through the UK, and already over 250 people have carried the torch as part of its 70-day relay for the London Olympics 2012. Today the torch will be passed between 113 torchbearers, including triple jumper Jonathan Edwards and cricketer Marcus Trescothick, as it travels between Exeter and Taunton.

The Journey So Far

After travelling around Greece for a week, the lit torch was flown over to Britain in a special gold-painted plane with a rather unusual set of passengers. Amongst others, the passengers watching over the torch included London mayor Boris Johnson, Olympic organiser Lord Seb Coe, David Beckham and Princess Anne.

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