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8 Ways to Boost Your CV at University

It can be a daunting prospect thinking about life after University. In amongst all the other pressures of university life, particularly the hard study of third year, focusing on graduate jobs tends to drop quite far down the pecking order

But it needn't be so stressful. There's plenty of small and medium commitments you can integrate into your university life to prepare yourself for the big wide world. You may even find that you're doing plenty already!

What's important is that you know how to position your activities to put yourself in the most favourable light. Let's get under way with...

Get a part time job

It may be that you have more pressing financial concerns for starting the job search early. While you may feel like a coffee shop job or spending weekends pulling pints isn't embellishing your CV at all, it can actually be a huge boost provided you know how to spin it.

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Popular Universities in the UK for Students Studying Abroad

With the availability of low-interest loans and rewards credit cards like this, financial aid and government-sponsored scholarships, studying abroad is now becoming more of a rite of passage for American students rather than a luxury! There are several hundred of study programs worldwide, but the top ranked ranked schools are found within the European continent. Among all of these, the most popular are found in the United Kingdom.

If you've been thinking about taking a semester to experience life outside of the United States, why not consider a program in the UK?

If your mind's made up, and you're set to go, here's a list of the three most popular programs in the UK.

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is the crown jewel of the UK's higher education system. Not only is it one of the most popular universities for international students, but it's also ranked as one of the best universities in the world. Within its 800-year-old buildings, visiting students can focus on several world-renowned research programmes, making this the perfect college for students that want to develop their skills in the sciences.

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