EXCLUSIVE: Banksy vs Robbo Feud Renewed in Mayfair

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The long running feud between British graffiti artists Banksy and Robbo has been renewed on a wall in Mayfair. A thinly veiled threat from ‘Team Robbo' appeared yesterday just below a piece by Banksy we revealed 3 months ago that has been dubbed ‘Shop ‘Til You Drop'.

The new scrawl appeared during the afternoon on Wednesday 15th February, some two storeys below the original Banksy (as the above picture shows). It reads [sic]:

"No escaping us sonny xxx"

"you will need A cherry picker to put perspex over this one council"

Ended with a smiley face (nice touch) and tagged ‘Team Robbo', it refers to the common practice of councils placing clear perspex sheeting over works by Banksy to protect them. 

So the question is, is this just a warning or are Team Robbo going to return and paint over the Banksy?

Team Robbo's Warning


The Story of the Wall

The latest chapter in the war all started in November last year when an unusual Banksy was discovered two storeys above the ground on a disused building in Mayfair. With the wall just a matter of yards away from the ForeignStudents.com offices, we were the first to break the news, before then exclusively revealing how the piece was achieved. The news quickly spread, being dubbed ‘Shop ‘Til You Drop', before it was confirmed as an official Banksy by his website.  

The wall has since become a hot spot for aspiring graffiti artists hoping to gain notoriety by association. A piece by ‘Don' continued the anti-capitalist theme, representing a banker as a water tap with a pound sign plug (as you can see on the left of the close up above). However, the ante was upped once the message from Team Robbo appeared yesterday.


The History of the Feud

The most infamous feud in British street art all started in 2009 when Banksy allegedly went over a piece called Robbo Inc. The graffiti had been left untouched on its Camden Canal Wall since 1985, and retaliations quickly escalated. Robbo responded by tagging the same piece ‘King Robbo' before a ‘Fuc' was added in front of the ‘King' (all of which you can see below).

Robbo IncBanksy Painted Over

King Robbo

Stage 4: Banksy Retaliates









The two continued tweaking each others' work and the much publicised war continues today. With this latest threat from Team Robbo, we will be waiting eagerly to see how the story of the wall and the feud continues to unfold.


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