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Latest Piece Added to Graffiti Wall of Mayfair

A bare, unassuming wall in Mayfair is quickly becoming one of the hottest outdoor art sites in London. Already covered in street art, a further addition to the collection appeared yesterday afternoon (30th April) depicting the Queen (above).

The disused building, on Bruton Lane, W1, first hit the headlines in November last year when an instantly recognisable piece by Banksy (below left) appeared two storeys above the ground. After we discovered and exclusively revealed the Banksy, it was quickly dubbed ‘Shop ‘Til You Drop', before it was confirmed as an official Banksy on his website.

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Free Starbucks Coffee with Jimmy Carr

The coffee chain Starbucks has been running a promotion this morning, offering anyone a free latte. We went to our local branch to check it out (we love a freebie) and who should be there serving, but comedian Jimmy Carr.

He was a barista for the day, helping the staff out on what is probably going to be their busiest day of the year. We caught a quick word with him, and as you can see from the video above, he thinks is "bloody marvellous".

Free coffee and a celebrity endorsement? Not a bad start to the day.  

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EXCLUSIVE: Banksy vs Robbo Feud Renewed in Mayfair

The long running feud between British graffiti artists Banksy and Robbo has been renewed on a wall in Mayfair. A thinly veiled threat from ‘Team Robbo' appeared yesterday just below a piece by Banksy we revealed 3 months ago that has been dubbed ‘Shop ‘Til You Drop'.

The new scrawl appeared during the afternoon on Wednesday 15th February, some two storeys below the original Banksy (as the above picture shows).

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