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Lang Lang at the Royal Albert Hall

ForeignStudents.com's David describes his trip to watch concert pianist Lang Lang at the Royal Albert Hall last night: 

"Last night I was lucky enough to be treated (for my birthday) to a performance by the world famous concert pianist Lang Lang, at the Royal Albert Hall.

Considered the ‘hottest artist on the classical music planet' by the New York Times, the gifted 29-year-old Chinese Lang Lang (below) performed his Beethoven Piano Concerto with phenomenal technique, coupled with the magic of the Royal Albert Hall. A visit to the Hall, which was built in 1871, is an experience I highly recommend to all students, whether studying in London or elsewhere in the UK.

The Royal Albert Hall is situated in South Kensington and is surrounded not only by museums but all sorts of institutions of learning. So, for those students who are fortunate enough to be studying nearby, make sure you book a ticket for one of the many concerts or shows coming up.

Lang Lang

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Event with Lord Bilimoria, the Founder of Cobra Beer

On Thursday 8th March, ForeignStudents.com held a very special event with Lord Karan Bilimoria, founder of Cobra Beer, and Patrick Shervington MBE, Chairman of the Cobra Foundation. Both spoke to a crowd of students and distinguished guests at International Student House (ISH) as part of India Week.

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Lord Bilimoria Talk at TedxOxbridge

As part of India Week, we are looking at one of the most successful Indian businessmen in the UK, the founder of Cobra Beer, Lord Bilimoria.

Lord Karan Bilimoria was born in Hyderabad in India before coming to Britain to study Law at Cambridge. After graduating in 1988, he found that his cultural heritage helped him to see an opportunity for a business venture. He saw a gap in the beer market. For people who enjoyed the refreshing taste of lager with curry, but found that traditional ones were too fizzy to go with food, there were no options on the market. This led to him to found Cobra Beer in 1989.

Cobra Beer was a huge success and became one of the most popular and well known beers in Britain. Through his work with Cobra, as well as a number of other projects, Karan Bilimoria received a CBE for services to business in 2004.

Last year, he was invited to speak at a TedTalks event about the future of global business. He explained his vision of what needs to stay the same and what needs to change for business to flourish over the next twenty years. You can watch his talk below.

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