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Latest Piece Added to Graffiti Wall of Mayfair

A bare, unassuming wall in Mayfair is quickly becoming one of the hottest outdoor art sites in London. Already covered in street art, a further addition to the collection appeared yesterday afternoon (30th April) depicting the Queen (above).

The disused building, on Bruton Lane, W1, first hit the headlines in November last year when an instantly recognisable piece by Banksy (below left) appeared two storeys above the ground. After we discovered and exclusively revealed the Banksy, it was quickly dubbed ‘Shop ‘Til You Drop', before it was confirmed as an official Banksy on his website.

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New Banksy Graffiti Spotted

Banksy has created his latest piece of street art in London, in what may be his first work since the Occupy London installation.

In W1, close to the office on Bruton Lane, our staff spotted the graffiti on the side of a disused building, the stencil appears to be in Banksy's iconic style.

Two storeys up, it shows a woman desperately trying to cling on to a shopping trolley as she falls to the ground. The trolley is laden with what appears to be a wine bottle, necklace and purse, and she seems powerless to control her materialistic lifestyle.

Often featuring social and political satire, Banksy's pieces are highly sought after, the scenes portrayed in his graffiti are recognised by loyal followers in the UK and around the world.

Below is a close up of the piece:

Banksy, Bruton Lane W1

Update: here's a video we also took: 

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