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A Guide to Studying in the UAE


Studying abroad can be an immensely rewarding life experience and the United Arab Emirates has become an increasingly popular destination for such an undertaking. As well as offering excellent weather, beautiful scenery and the potential for tax-free earnings, the country also boasts a number of academic institutions.

Several of the country's universities, have both international and UAE accreditation, making them an excellent choice for UK students. In addition, multiple universities, such as the United Arab Emirates University in Al Ain, have earned a spot in the QS World University Rankings.

Here is some key information you will need before enrolling on a course in the United Arab Emirates.

About the UAE

As a country, the United Arab Emirates was established in its current form in 1971. Sharing borders with Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Qatar and Iran, it is a federation made up of seven different principalities, known as emirates. The two largest of these are Abu Dhabi, which is the country's capital, and Dubai, which is its largest city.

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Study in the UAE Where East Meets West

So why wouldn't you want to expand your educational and cultural horizons through studying in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)? For this oil-rich Persian Gulf state has some of the finest universities in the whole Middle East region, with students from all corners of the world taking full advantage of the extensive range of degree courses on offer across a range of disciplines, from engineering, technology and science to business, arts and the media.

Who hasn't heard of fabulous Dubai, the largest city in the UAE? It's a city of around 2 million people with a deserved reputation as a glitzy tourist playground. But it's also a thriving and successful commercial hub where incredible fortunes can be made, and perhaps lost just as easily. It's therefore no surprise to find the universities in Dubai are cutting edge, too, reflecting and serving the needs of the city's rather diverse and cosmopolitan business community. They may not figure prominently in the top tier of world university rankings, but nevertheless Dubai's eclectic mix of higher educational establishments provide the levels of skills and expertise much sought after in today's well connected society.

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Student Travel Guide to the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a fascinating area to visit, proudly proclaiming its glamorous cities and spending culture whilst retaining a deep sense of Bedouin heritage and Muslim traditions. Though the federation states' reputation is based mainly on the deluxe hotels of Dubai and the big business of Abu Dhabi, as a student you can still get more for your money with cheaper airfares, free short-term visas and plenty of hostels for those on a budget. With this in mind, here are a few tips on how to plan your UAE trip.

As far as entry requirements go, your standard, 30-day tourist visa is fairly straightforward for UK citizens and free, though these can also be extended for another 30 days for a fee. If you decide to look for employment, probationary, 3-month visas are available once you're here but make sure you don't breach any deadlines to avoid hefty fines. If you are of a different nationality it is best to check what the restrictions are before you travel, for example many will not have to apply for a visa in advance but others will, dependent upon which part of the world you are from. Find out more about the restrictions here.

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