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What are the differences between pubs, bars and clubs?

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Britain is famous for its pubs but how are they different to bars? Well, pubs usually look very traditional, with old wooden floors and furniture and brick walls, and will usually put an emphasis on serving pints of beer. Any music will usually be quiet but for sporting events pubs usually show them on a big TV and get very busy. Pubs are the perfect place to meet a few friends for a chat, eat some cheap traditional food and have a few pints.

Bars are often better if you are on a night out, as they often play louder music and will have specials on drinks such as spirits and mixers (eg vodka and coke).

Clubs are very much for a big night out dancing with friends, as they have very loud music and big dance floors, though often not much room to sit down. Most clubs in cities will not get busy until about 11pm and then stay open till at least 3am.

What is the legal drinking age in the UK?

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18 years old. If you are not 18, then most bars and clubs will not even let you in. Make sure you have some form of ID (passport or driving license) with you when you go out, as most will ask for it regardless of how old you look.

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