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How can I explore British culture?

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You might realize that you have to make an effort to explore British culture if you end up living on your own or in a very international community. Immersing in the local culture can be one of the most enriching elements of a study-abroad experience, and in the UK there are certainly ways to go about it. For example, you can take part in national celebrations, hire local tour guides during trips within the UK, or learn British history through museum visits. However, one of the best ways is to spend time with British people, either with fellow students or at local pubs. You can even stay at the homes of British families through organizations like HOST.

Do I need to book cinema or theatre tickets, and how do I do it?

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For the theatre it is always advisable to book tickets well in advance, as many shows sell out most nights. To search for plays on near you, and to book tickets visit the great website here.

For the cinema, it really depends on the film. If it is the latest blockbuster and has only just been released, then it is advisable to book tickets, whilst if it is a less popular film that has been out for a while you probably don't need to book. However, the golden rule is, if in doubt, then book- it never hurts. Use this website to find the listings for your local cinemas and to book tickets.   

Do I need to book a table to eat at a restaurant, and how do I do it?

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It really depends on the type of restaurant and the day of the week. If it is a posh restaurant on a Saturday night, then you will probably have to book well in advance. However, if you want to get lunch during the week, you probably won't have to. It is always best to ring the restaurant to check, and if in doubt, always book.

A website called Toptable allows you to search for restaurants close to you and book a table, as well as save up to 50% on your meal.

What percentage tip should I leave at restaurants?

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Generally leaving 10% of the bill is the standard tip in the UK. For some more expensive restaurants however, 12.5% may be more appropriate. Most restaurants will not add the tip automatically, and if they do, they will always make it clear and give you the option to remove it.

There is no need to tip staff in bars, or attendants at self service restaurant.

How much are bars, pubs and clubs?

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With almost all bars and pubs you will not have to pay to get in. The drinks prices vary a lot, but will generally be around £3 for a pint of beer (though there are often student nights where drinks are much cheaper).

However, with clubs you will usually have to pay to get in (anywhere from £2 to £25 depending on the club and location) and then drinks are a bit more expensive. In some London clubs you can expect to pay up to £5 for a glass of wine or bottle of beer. If you want a cheap night out, then there should be a student night at a club near you almost every night of the week.


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