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Tips for Moving into Your First Student Flat

Moving into your first student flat can seem both extremely exciting as well as slightly intimidating, whether you're moving straight out of your parents' place or from student halls.

The prospect of slumming it out with other people your age is something to look forward to, but you should ensure that you secure a flat in the most advantageous way possible, from choosing what kind of flatmates you want to live with, to which of the many broadband packages you should opt for to suit your needs the best.

Start looking early!

A critical error most students commit is failing to start their flat hunt early enough. You'll encounter these unfortunate individuals by the truckload at university. The last thing you want is to have to desperately choose from the last few remaining flats which, unsurprisingly, are not likely to be the best of the bunch.

The secret to snagging a good place quickly is to indulge in some high-intensity viewings. Instead of seeing one place every few days, try and fit in 5 to 6 viewings per day. This way, you'll be able to compare the flats you're seeing much better and come to a more informed decision, ultimately.

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Sorting Out Your Finances after Graduation

After you graduate from university, you will have a lot to think about and a lot to sort out. One of the many key things you will have to give some thought to is your financial situation. As a university graduate, it is now time to stand on your own two feet, which means looking at ways to get your financial situation off to a good start.

While you might not have had a huge amount of experience when it comes to finances - after all, for most students finances are pretty limited - the sooner you start planning the better. Some of the things that you will need to think about in order to start life in the real world on an even footing include:

Earning some money

In order to sort out your finances you actually need to have some finances to sort. This means getting a job sorted out so that you have some money coming in. You should avoid the mistake of waiting for the ideal job to come along, as you could be waiting for some time in the current economic climate. Instead, get yourself any job that pays a decent wage and start earning some money while you wait for the perfect job to come up.

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#UniHasMadeMeRealise: The Best Things Learnt at University

For many of you, exams will have finished and another year of university is coming to a close. Whether it has been your exciting first year, or your more strenuous final year, no doubt you'll have learnt something about yourself and life over the last 12 months.

On Twitter, a hashtag has been trending this morning with people revealing what their university experience has made them realise. From how much sleep they need, to how they deal with deadlines, to what food they'll eat when desperate, it seems university teaches you a lot about yourself.

Some are funny, others poignant, but we've gathered together some of the best #UniHasMadeMeRealise tweets for you below.


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A Guide to Student Broadband

In the UK we're lucky enough to enjoy a wide choice of broadband providers with a huge number of packages up for grabs. That's great because we get to select a service at whatever price suits our budget, but the array of options can be slightly bewildering.

And if it's confusing for those of us who have lived in the country for some time, the problem is worse for visitors, particularly students coming to the UK to study who already have enough to contend with. While libraries, coffee shops, universities and colleges all offer free Wi-Fi it's very useful, if not essential, to have your own connection at home.

If you're new to the country and looking to sign up for internet service, here's what you need to know about getting broadband in the UK as a student.

Broadband and Contracts

Signing up to a fixed line broadband service will involve some kind of commitment to stay with the provider for a set amount of time. If you break this contract by leaving early you are liable to be charged a fee for the remaining months.

This can obviously be problematic for students who may not be staying in one place for a long period of time, and don't typically have a lot of cash lying about.

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London Jobs of the Week (23rd May 2013)

Welcome back again to a collection of the top jobs on the market at the moment. This week's top tip is to try and get asmuch work experience as possible. Even for part time jobs for that extra bit of cash, try and find something at all relevant to your future career.

Here you can find all the best new part-time, full time and intern jobs on the market this week or you can search our entire database.  


Part-Time Jobs

- Retail Advisor  |  O2
         £6.35 per hour  |  Croydon

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