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'Thesps': The Student Sitcom for Comic Relief

A group of student actors in London are turning the camera on themselves and their world to create a brand new mockumentary. ‘Thesps' is a web series that will follow the lives of a group of actors sharing a flat together as they attempt to ‘make it' in the daunting world of theatre and film.

The project is a collaboration between students at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and London Met Film School, and they certainly don't lack ambition. The unique way in which they are launching the first episode proves that.

On Thursday and Friday next week British comedian Mark Watson is putting on a 25 Hour Show in aid of Comic Relief. Hosted at the Pleasance Theatre in Islington, he will be joined by a whole range of famous faces all in the hope of raising as much money for charity as possible.

As part of the show, the ‘Thesps' will be attempting to film and edit clips from the opening episode of the series in just 25 hours. To make it even more challenging, questions can be posed to the characters by the audience at the theatre as well as by fans on Twitter and Facebook.

To find out more about this ambitious project, we spoke to Director & Producer Victoria Eyton:


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Bulgarian and Romanian Students Fighting for their Dreams

Yuliya is a Bulgarian first year Journalism student at UWE in Bristol. Here she argues that Romanian and Bulgarian students should be given the same rights as students from other EU countries.

"Despite being part of the last enlargement of the EU in 2007, Bulgarians and Romanians are still facing work restrictions in the UK. Although they will be lifted in 2014, many students face the risk of not finishing their studies. Not only are the living costs a problem, but so are the paid placements that are part of many undergraduate and postgraduate courses around the country.

Imagine you are a student coming from Bulgaria or Romania. You are passionate about the course you have chosen and you are impatient to settle down in the UK. You are ready to study hard and to work part-time in between the lectures, because you are coming from one of the poorest countries in the EU with an average salary of under £300 a month.

In the middle of September you say good-bye to your friends and family; you arrange your new accommodation; start meeting new people... everything seems perfect except the money issue. You know that you have to apply for the so called "yellow card" - the work permit you need as a Bulgarian or Romanian.

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A Student Guide to Visiting Mexico

Mexico impresses the visitor with both its scale and diversity; a land of tempting eats, jungle hikes, paradise isles and the ruins of an ancient empire. It's also a country where your money will go a long way.

This is all good news for the thousands of student and gap year travellers who take holidays to Mexico, through budget providers such as, every year. Armed with a few tips, you can eat, party and sleep here for the price of a meal out back home and there's a wealth of natural and cultural attractions to try in between.

There's no doubt that Mexican accommodation is a steal. Here, hostels are not the only cheap way to stay, with some budget hotels costing under £10 a night in the capital, Mexico City. Staying by the coast in a big resort like Cabo San Lucas or Cancun (pictured above) will up the prices, but some do reasonable all-inclusive deals if you're just here for a two-week break in between semesters. You could try out life the Mayan way if you're heading to the beach; sleeping in a hammock under the insanely low-cost roof of a beach hut or cabana.

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Social Digest: 3D Printing, Today’s Future, Olympic Spirit

Welcome! As part of a series that keeps students up to date with international insights, current technology and popular culture, this week we're bursting at the seams with amazing hand picked content.

Print it in 3D

We live in remarkable times where technology advances at an unprecedented rate. Rapid prototyping or 3D printing to the layman (also known as additive printing) is beginning to branch out from design and manufacturing to different sectors and eventually our homes. Originally developed for creating product prototypes, a 3D printer takes a digital design and literally prints it out by constructing it layer by layer, just like the picture above. The ramifications for the future of commerce are epic. Find out more here. 

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Social Digest: Ninja Turtles, World Tech, Comedians in Cars

Welcome, as part of a series that keeps students up to date with international insights, current technology and popular culture, this week we've got content so fresh it may expire by the time you read the post. 

The Ninja Turtles Return

The dearly loved 80's cartoon series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is returning to capture new audiences. According to Nickelodeon's trailer it seems like the animation will be pretty basic. I wonder if the characters will be as likeable as the ones in the original series that caused a huge surge in the sale of pet terrapins, poor animals.

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