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Student Travel Guide to the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a fascinating area to visit, proudly proclaiming its glamorous cities and spending culture whilst retaining a deep sense of Bedouin heritage and Muslim traditions. Though the federation states' reputation is based mainly on the deluxe hotels of Dubai and the big business of Abu Dhabi, as a student you can still get more for your money with cheaper airfares, free short-term visas and plenty of hostels for those on a budget. With this in mind, here are a few tips on how to plan your UAE trip.

As far as entry requirements go, your standard, 30-day tourist visa is fairly straightforward for UK citizens and free, though these can also be extended for another 30 days for a fee. If you decide to look for employment, probationary, 3-month visas are available once you're here but make sure you don't breach any deadlines to avoid hefty fines. If you are of a different nationality it is best to check what the restrictions are before you travel, for example many will not have to apply for a visa in advance but others will, dependent upon which part of the world you are from. Find out more about the restrictions here.

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Bratislava From a Visitor's Point of View

Pleased by the fact that the airport transfer bus was on time, and the pilot's announcement that the weather conditions in Bratislava were suitable for landing, I could really start to enjoy my holiday. I hadn't been to Slovakia for 5 months and so I've taken the opportunity toreview the capital from the point of view of a visitor.

It took us about five minutes to get on the bus to undergo the 30 second transfer to theairport gate. There are not many flights at the Bratislava airport, therefore they cherish every single landing and like to give passengers the ride. The totally empty arrival lounge testifies to the idle periods between flights.

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24 Hours in Athens

As London is the central hub for all flights from and to the UK, it makes it much easier and cheaper for those who live in London or who are visiting to go on and visit other countries in Europe. With a lot of countries being only a couple hours’ plane or train ride away, it would be rude not too. Take advantage of the great last minute offers and you could be wondering the streets of Paris or sliding down the Austrian slopes.

But why not pick a destination you wouldn’t expect to visit during winter; prices are most likely to be cheaper and crowds are likely to be smaller. For example, Greece is usually only thought of for sun holidays. There seems to be some kind of myth that circulates about Greek islands shutting down in any other season than summer. This is not true; this is actually a fantastic time to visit if you are looking to get a real feel for the Greek culture and cuisine. The lack of tourists lend to the large resorts and restaurants shutting down during this period, meaning only the traditional bars and restaurants will open, certifying that you will be eating and drinking with the locals.

So say you decide Athens, Greece is the place for you, you jump on a last minute flight and fly out there for 24 hours. The flight will take around 3 hours, and if on an early morning flight you can get there by midday. So then what?

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My Tour of Scotland: Nessie, Kilts and Scenery

Amy is an Taiwanese student currently studying at Kingston University in London. She recently won a tour of Scotland as part of a competition, and here she describes her experiences from the trip. 

"Before I headed to Scotland, I knew nothing about the country. All I knew was that I wanted to search for the Loch Ness Monster, Nessie. On my way to Edinburgh, I saw the view from the window was rapidly changing. I could really tell it was a whole new country and it was so different from London.

I have to say that Scotland is very beautiful. One moment that summed it up for me, was being on top of a mountain that overlooked the landscape of the Isle of Skye (below). It was breathtaking. It is unspoilt natural beauty and marvellous mountain splendour. The waterfall, castles and loch were all stunning, especially when the sun came out, reflecting on to the water and the land. I was speechless.

Isle of Skye

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Indian Business: Facts and People

For India Week, we are focussing on the business and cities of India today. To introduce the subject, here we take a look at some interesting facts about business, politics and travel in India.

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