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What camera should I get?

Miroslav's picture

Lately I have been wanting to get serious about photography and maybe even take a course. Do you recommend any particularly good cameras or courses?

TV license problems?

Cara's picture

Hey guys, has anybody gotten multiple letters about having to pay for a TV license? I don't even own a TV and I'm told I might even have to go to court for not paying! A while ago I reported on the given website that I did not own a TV and I did not watch online programmes on real times. Still, I haven't stopped getting these letters. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Traveling in the fall

Logan's picture

I would like to do some traveling around Europe this fall and was wondering if any of you had any recommendations. Which places are nice and low-season during this time of the year? Thanks!

2011 Rugby World Cup

Andy's picture

Who are you supporting in the rugby world cup? I am rooting for England all the way- I'm even going to be getting up at 7am on SATURDAYs to watch the matches. 

Cheap spas in London?

Elena's picture

I know the title sounds oxymoronic, but I thought I'd try it out anyways. :P

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