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The best Indian Restaurant on Curry Mile - Manchester?

Dan's picture

It's been years since I had a great curry in Rusholme...trying to remember the name of my favourite one... Lal Qila? Something like that.... Is it still there?

Our MA exhibition in Goldsmiths

Sarah's picture

it would be great to come to our exhibition and share with us this moment ... and give us your opinion as well :)

Dance studios - traineeship

Eniko's picture

Hi everyone,

A friend of mine is hoping to find an internship/traineeship at a dance studio or institute in London. She has many years of experience in a variety of styles including modern jazz, hip hop and salsa. Does anyone know of a place that might be interested in having her intern (perhaps as an instructor) for the summer?

Thanks a lot!

Opera and Ballet

Chiara's picture

Hi All

I just wanted to let you know that very cheap student tickets for opera and ballet are available at Covent Garden in London on the night of a performance.


It is well worth it and most of the time I got one!!

Has anyone tried and do you have suggestions for other shows??



Best London places for a late night snack and hangout

Chiara's picture

Hi all

I wonder if you can help with places in Central London which you can recommend for a late night snack as most places close by 1am or even earlier.

Bar Italia in Soho and Vingt Quatre spring to mind but any suggestions are appreciated!!

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