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What is International Student Future in UK?

Mohsin's picture

In my opinion the situation for international student is very uncertain and the future is at high risk.

regarding jobs

yaash's picture

i did my graduation in agriculture and my masters in international businesss i dont know wat type of job should iserach

Glastonbury 2011

Foreign Students's picture

Did anyone go to Glastonbury this weeked? We want to hear your experiences... Did you fall over in the mud? Did you get ANY sleep? 

I would to disscuse about the issue of poverty

I think that many places over the world are still suffering from this phonemena

Help writing cover letter

Elena's picture

Hi guys, I'm applying for part-time jobs at the moment and I'm having some trouble writing a strong cover letter. I've looked for help online but everything is very general. Do you have any specific advice in terms of format, structure, content, and a good way to start/finish the letter? Thanks!!!

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