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Thames Festival this weekend!

Cara's picture

I'm really excited about this weekend's end-of-summer festival. Has anybody ever been? How was it? What do you recommend? The programme is so packed I don't now which events I should prioritize.

Best Places in North London

Adile's picture

I am studying at London Met and live at Nido near King's Cross. Does anyone have any suggestions for good placves to go out in north London? In like Islington?

I love Upper Street but there are so many restaurants I don't know where to start!

Rugby World Cup

John's picture

I'm in England for the rugby world cup which starts this weekend. I love rugby and really want to watch it, but the matches start at like 7am!! Also I don't have a TV. Does anyone know anywhere (pubs?) that will be open and showing the games around central London? 

1 one month left in London

Maria's picture

Any ideas on things I absolutely must do before I leave?

Silent Disco at the Science Museum!

Elena's picture

People, if you still haven't been to the Silent Disco, Just imagine yourself jamming to really good music inside one of London's best museums! The "silent" part comes from the fact you only listen to music through headphones, which have different music channels. So, if you don't have your headphones on, all you see is a bunch of people dancing crazily to no music. Hilarious.

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