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Watched any good films recently? Planet of the Apes was great!

Rihanna Concert in London!

Cara's picture

Rihanna's going to sing at the O2 Arena on 5, 6, 13 October. Is anybody going?

Accommodation in London

Katarina's picture

I am coming as a student to London in October. Are there any people coming to study as well? I am looking for roommates to live with or if anyone needs a roommate I would love to join you guys. Please let me know if anyone is interested. We can get on touch right away and with joined effort and enthusiasm find a great apartment or room)))))

Community Service in London

Elena's picture

Hi! I  was wondering if anybody is or has been involved in any cool community service projects in London. I want to volunteer (ideally in a children's setting), but I haven't run into anything great yet. Thanks!

British Sport

Foreign Students's picture

With the new Premier League football season starting, a successful summer of cricket just finishing and the rugby world cup starting soon, British sport has been getting a lot of attention. So, what is everyone's favourite British sport? Do you prefer playing or watching it?

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