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Study in London but Where?

As the hub of the UK, London is an unparalleled environment in which to live and study. It is a centre for government and law, Europe’s leading financial market and a style setting centre of cultural life. As a student in London, you can enjoy a unique experience in one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the world.

Whatever your interests or appetite you are bound to find something to suit your palate in this unbeatable multicultural city. Numerous universities in the area boast particular subject areas as their specialisms, which allows you to benefit from the expert knowledge of a world-class institution. For example, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is the leading social science institution in the world, with many of the world’s leading experts in their fields and cutting edge research. The School offers courses not only in economics and political science, but also in a wide range of social science subjects.

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Aircraft Carrier Put Up For Auction

For sale: aircraft carrier. 25 years old but only one previous owner. £2 million or nearest offer.

This is how a British Navy advert could read after one of their aircraft carrier ships has been put up for auction. After being decommissioned two weeks ago, the HMS Ark Royal ship has been put on the Ministry of Defence’s equivalent of eBay for interested buyers to bid on.

However, if you fancy making a cheeky bid, you must first outline your "intentions regarding the vessel". Early proposals so far have included turning it into a commercial heliport, a base for security personnel during the London Olympics, or a school and nightclub.

If you want to check it out, the aircraft carrier is listed on a website run by the Ministry of Defence’s Equipment and Support department.

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Your Weekend Sorted

Every Friday we reveal all the very best things to keep you entertained this weekend . Whether you are staying in, or going out, have a shoestring budget or are feeling extravagant, there is something for everyone.

Staying In




  • Comic Relief: The annual celebrity filled night of entertainment to raise money for Comic Relief is really the only choice tonight. Expect three and a half hours of performances from Peter Kay, Harry Hill, James Cordon and Take That, and special episodes of MasterChef, Eastenders and Outnumbered. Love it or hate it, Red Nose Day is truly now a British institution.

When? Friday 18th, 7-10.30pm





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The Most Respected University in the World is...

A new list that ranks universities based purely on global reputation has placed Harvard at the top.

The American university beat off competition from MIT (also in the US), and the University of Cambridge in England, which came second and third respectively.

The list was compiled by the Times Higher Education magazine, and is based on the views of 13,000 academics from around the world. It is therefore unique in the fact that it ranks universities only on their reputation rather than how they have performed.

US Universities

Seven of the top 10 universities on the list are located in the United States, making the country the first choice for those seeking a high-level education. The good news is that many of these American universities now offer their programs online, so students do not have to relocate to the USA to enroll in the country's schools.

Depending on the student's career choice, he or she can take courses from a top university without having to leave home, giving the student the opportunity to earn a degree from one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

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Easy, Stunning Panoramic Photos

This week we're going to look at one of the clever things you can do with your iPhone or iPad. Firstly, you need the inexpensive programme called You Gotta See This! Download it through the App Store. Once installed, it uses the iPad's built-in camera to take a series of still pictures at short intervals (like a motor drive on a regular SLR) and stitches them all together to form a collage - you can choose the type of collage from a number of presets.

As you are taking the picture you can move the camera up and down, left and right, and get the most wonderful effects. But if you just hold the iPad vertically and rotate around the same spot, you can get a 360º panorama which will look great on your wall once printed and framed.

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