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Round up of the Week (23-5-11)

Every Monday we bring you a round up of all the student news from the past week, as well as the trends hitting the web at the moment. This week’s includes abuse of the student visa system, the mystery footballer (sneakily disguised above) and real life ‘Space Invaders’.


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"The Essence of Good Photography"

Hi there. My name is Trevor and I am a professional fashion photographer. Often I use 'ordinary' people (as distinct from professional models) for my photos and over the next few weeks you'll see some of the results. I'll be giving you some tips for taking better photographs, analysing some of my own and even telling you how you can get some amazing pictures using your iPhone or iPad2. Your comments are always welcome and if you e-mail some of your photos, on any subject, to we will feature a selection of the best ones!

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Cannes: The Story of a Young Filmmaker

At last year's Cannes festival, our guest film correspondent, Séamas McSwiney, met a young filmmaker called Wanuri Kahiu (pictured above) with an inspirational story. The video below is of an interview he did with her and gives an insight into the perseverance and good fortune an emerging filmmaker needs to follow their dream. 

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Massive Fire Breaks Out in Byker, Newcastle Scrapyard

Early this afternoon, a fire broke out in Newcastle in the North East of England, and whilst early reports suggested it was at a Northumbria University building, it was quickly revealed that it started in a scrap yard in an area called Byker.  

Although the fire was not as big as first thought, it still took eight fire engines and over 40 firefighters to control the blaze, which they eventually did after hours of fighting it. The burning material in the scrap yard sent out huge plumes of thick, black smoke which could be seen from as far away as Durham.

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Cannes: Hollywood Glamour and Persian Drama

Angelina Jolie plays the Tigress’ voice in the soon to be released Kung Fu Panda 2 and she showed up on Friday to dazzle the fans and promote the movie. Her husband Brad Pitt will make the journey this evening as he plays a lead role in Terence Malick’s long awaited contemplative opus The Tree of Life. Saturday saw Penelope Cruz walked up the red carpet on Johnny Depp’s arm for Saturday night’s gala screening of Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Lady Gaga is expected any day now to tip the glam scale up a notch further.

The world’s entertainment industry knows how to add that special show biz sparkle to Cannes

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