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Transatlantic Sister Bonds

My younger sister is my only sibling. She is my baby, the one I named and the one with whom I shared a room for 11 years. Nobody knows me better than my sister and at her scarce 15 years of age, she advises me with more wisdom and confidence than any other person. We are so different. I admire her poise and maturity, her talent for every sport, her innate leadership abilities and her resistance to the chaotic sway of emotions. I lack all of these qualities. Our differences, however, have worked to make us perfect complements, perfect teammates. Indeed, we have shared much more than a room over the years. We have shared our parents, our clothes, our secrets, our opinions, our love, our laughter.

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Cannes: Champagne and Controversy

Cannes 2011 is widely held to be a classic vintage. It had a broad spectrum of satisfying cinema, stylistically eclectic and as culturally diverse as Cannes owes itself to be. But there is something entertainingly aristocratic and arbitrary about Cannes too. Why were certain films in competition in the first place and not others? Why did the equally diverse jury of a handful of people opt for this combination of prizes and not another?

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Round up of the Week (23-5-11)

Every Monday we bring you a round up of all the student news from the past week, as well as the trends hitting the web at the moment. This week’s includes abuse of the student visa system, the mystery footballer (sneakily disguised above) and real life ‘Space Invaders’.


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"The Essence of Good Photography"

Hi there. My name is Trevor and I am a professional fashion photographer. Often I use 'ordinary' people (as distinct from professional models) for my photos and over the next few weeks you'll see some of the results. I'll be giving you some tips for taking better photographs, analysing some of my own and even telling you how you can get some amazing pictures using your iPhone or iPad2. Your comments are always welcome and if you e-mail some of your photos, on any subject, to we will feature a selection of the best ones!

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Cannes: The Story of a Young Filmmaker

At last year's Cannes festival, our guest film correspondent, Séamas McSwiney, met a young filmmaker called Wanuri Kahiu (pictured above) with an inspirational story. The video below is of an interview he did with her and gives an insight into the perseverance and good fortune an emerging filmmaker needs to follow their dream. 

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