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7 Things you Didn't Know About the Alhambra

You've probably heard of the Alhambra, a Moorish palace complex that sits high on a hill above the city of Granada in Southern Spain. However, before heading here, it is important to know a little about this amazing site you are going to visit.

Knowing some background of this fascinating place will let you enjoy your visit even more. So check out these 7 interesting facts that you didn't know about the Alhambra.

1. "Alhambra" is Not its Actual Name

The correct name for the Alhambra is actually "Qal'at al-Hambra", which means "The Red Fortress" in Arabic. The name was first given to the tiny fortress build on the site by the Moors over 1000 years ago, the Islamic Empire which had spread from the Middle East across North Africa and into Southern Europe.

The name is believed to originate from the first fortress which was made from the red clay found in this part of Spain. The outer walls were made from tapia, or rammed earth, which had a reddish hue. Over the centuries, the Moors gradually expanded the fortress into the magnificent palace complex found there today.

2. The Alhambra Originally Belonged to the Romans

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How Can My Diet Help My Eyesight

There are lots of things you can do to keep your eyes healthy, and many precautions you can take to prevent any eye conditions or diseases from developing, which may require treatments further down the line, such as laser eye surgery.

One of the best things you can do is eat well - studies have shown that a healthy diet can do wonders in preventing the development of eye conditions.

Being overweight and having an unhealthy diet can lead to diabetes, and diabetes can lead to vision loss.

Over time, uncontrolled blood sugar levels will damage the blood vessels in your retina, causing blurred vision and a swollen retina (also known as macular oedema).

The following foods can massively help your eyesight, and can reduce the risk of age-related vision decline by 25 percent - so be sure to get plenty of them in your diet.


Fish is one of the best things you can eat, for many reasons. They're rich in omega-3, which is helpful in reversing dry eyes.

You may get dry eyes when staring at a computer - as we blink 60% less when staring at a screen.

Dry eyes can cause discomfort in the form of itchiness or soreness. Dry eyes can also lead to eye infections, damage to the surface of the eyes, and pain when reading.

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Top 5 Financial Tips for Studying Abroad in the UK

If you're planning on studying abroad in the UK, there's a lot to be excited about. From seamless public transport to the unique cultural experiences you can find everywhere, there's a lot to love about traveling abroad and studying at the same time.

The best way to make the most of it, though, is to be financially prepared. With this in mind, let's talk about the top five financial tips for studying abroad in the UK.

1.     Take Your Student Card Everywhere

You may still be getting used to remembering to put your student card in your wallet when you go out, but having it on you when you're studying abroad in the UK is pretty essential.

You'd be surprised how many shops, museums, restaurants, and general activities you can find that will offer you a discount if you can show them your student card. This is an excellent way to save a bit while you're out there and having to navigate a relatively tight budget. It also means that you'll be able to make the most of doing more, for less.

2.     Refinance with a Low-Risk Loan

If you're part of the way through your UK study experience, and you're struggling to come up with the funds you'll need to make it the rest of the way, you may want to consider checking out a low-risk loan.

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5 Ways Learning a new language Makes Life Easier

New adventures open one's mind to different horizons. The brain develops, and thinking gets deeper. As a result, the person is able to see the right from wrong. Just like that learning a new language can open doors for us. It can help our minds see things from different perspectives that otherwise go unnoticed. And not just that but mastering a new language can do a lot more for you like some of the benefits listed below.

Improved Memory

As a language learner, your brain is said to triple its functionality by widening the horizons of its walls. Don't you feel like when you're not using your mind much and tasks like recalling something sometimes becomes difficult for you? The feeling is real. If the mind is not used much, it functions start to diminish. When you embark on the journey to learn a new language, you will need to remember the syntaxes and specific rules of it. You will need to recall them whenever you have to become verbal using it.  As a result, your memory will improve and you will be able to remember things easily.

Mind Polishing

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How to Find Cheap Flights as a Student to London

Students are the coolest creature on Earth. They don't worry much about luxuries. Even the students who have money always look for the cheapest ways to get things done. And what do they do with savings? Enjoy, of course. And that's how life should be. A little inconvenience is no big deal for young souls when it saves them money.

Students, especially the ones who study abroad, have to buy expensive flight tickets every few weeks or months. This opposes the whole idea of saving money. However, if you are well-informed, there are ways to get cheap flights, and without any inconvenience.  

Take Help of Student Agencies

Many student agencies offer discounts on flights to students. We are already getting discounts for movies, bus, and many other things; might as well save a few pounds on plane tickets. That said, many agencies would just attract students using the word discount and don't offer any value.

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