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Cardiff: Cheap Travel & Rugby

I decided to visit Cardiff - the capital and the political, financial, industrial and sporting centre of Wales.

I had never been to Wales before, but knew a bit of its history and culture, as Welsh and Scottish nationalism was the topic of my Master's thesis. And it really is a bit different to England compared to the commuter's jungle of London where I live.

The weather was hot- enough to wear just a t-shirt. In London, a hoodie or an umbrella always comes handy. First up, I took a public transport bus to the Cardiff Bay (pictured above) to see the sea. An all day ticket was just £3.40. In London, this gets you just one peak-time journey on the Tube.

I know, I should not compare the incomparable, because there are reasons for the differences (maintenance costs, amortisation and replacement of the material abused by millions of travellers a day), but I cannot help it.

My trip continued in Cardiff Bay with the Wales Millennium Centre, Senedd (the Welsh National Assembly) and the Doctor Who Experience.

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7 Best Blockbuster Movies of 2013 - With Trailers

June is here, the sun is out and the arty cinema of Cannes is over. All that means one thing- the season of the blockbuster movie is just about to hit cinemas.

Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness may have whetted your appetite, but there are PLENTY more big hitting films coming out this summer. 2013 more than any other year appears to offer a feast of stunning looking sci-fi and fantasy films.

With big special effects and even bigger budgets, these are the sort of films that demand to be seen at the cinema. The plot may not always make sense, the characters are often pretty shallow and the acting isn't always that great, but they are sure to be spectacular. Plus, they always make for the best trailers.

Here we round up seven of the very biggest and best blockbusters coming out over the next six months (in order of release date).

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Who Tops the 2014 UK University Rankings?

The Guardian released its annual university rankings yesterday, with Cambridge (above) taking the coveted top spot for the third year in a row. Alongside the overall university rankings, the newspaper uniquely also creates individual subject tables, allowing you to find the best universities for your chosen course- which you can search here.

Universities are measured on nine different criteria, including course satisfaction, teaching quality, staff-student ratio, the amount of money spent on each student, value-added and the percentage of graduates who have a job within 6 months of leaving.

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Reginald Smith Jr. - An Opera Star In The Making

Reginald Smith Jr. from University of Kentucky gave a shot to opera 5 years ago when he went to Atlanta from Lexington to audition for opera. Fast forward to today, he's an international opera singer in the making, flying from Lexington to Houston for a studio artist vacancy in Houston Grand Opera.

He used to sing in the choir at his local church while growing up in Georgia. Smith's mother was the director, and opera was eventually introduced to him despite the fact that he didn't have any other formal music training. He and his brother joined elementary choir together. His brother gave up singing in school choirs but Smith continued.

Choosing the Right University

Smith saw his first opera in the 10th grade, and he says that was the turning point of his life and the moment when the ‘opera bug' bit him. Smith then began to look for colleges for further education in the field. He looked into the programmes that were being offered, how they were being perceived, and the activities alumni were involved in after graduation.

Smith was aware that music education degrees and coaching can help students in major cities such as New York and other lesser-known music culture cities to enhance their singing skills.

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Cannes 2013: The Runners Up

After looking at the Palme D'or winner at this year's festival Blue is the Warmest Colour last week, our film correspondent Séamas McSwiney explores those that missed out on the main prize but took others.

"To reinforce Cannes' role in projecting cultural diversity, the festival's other prizes went to a disparate mix of films.

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