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Student Sexism And The State Of Feminism

The case of the British student Rebecca Meredith is the latest example of how women are still victims of sexism in Western societies. Rebecca faced rape threats during a debate at Glasgow University, earlier this month, and the episode shed light on the topics of feminism and sexism.

British Sexism

Women in the UK have many freedoms and their basic human rights are recognised. However, it's far from the truth to state that women are no longer victims of sexism. From wolf-whistles in the tube to denigrations of any type, especially at the workplace, sexism in the UK is still common and the path for equality is still long and hard.

Many countries are still plunged into chauvinism and the UK is not an exception: do you remember the decision of the Church of England according to which women cannot become bishops? This happened only a few months ago.

I agree with Rebecca's outrage when one of her peers pointed out that Western women do not really need a National Women’s Day.

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London Jobs of the Week (13th March 2013)

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Victory for International Students Over Post-Study Work Visas

The government has taken the first step to relaxing the restrictions on post-study work visas for international students in the UK.

In the past, internationals were given free access to work in the UK for 2 years after graduating, but this was closed in April last year. In its place, a whole raft of new regulations were introduced, all related to the job offer students had lined up for after they graduated. International students had to have an offer of a job relevant to their degree, with a high starting salary and at a company registered with the government for the scheme.

Ever since their introduction, the tighter restrictions have been met with widespread opposition from leading figures in higher education who have argued that they will put international students off from studying in the UK.

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Erik's View: Chavez, Daffodils & the NHS

Erik Redli is a university graduate from Slovakia who is currently living in London. Each week he gives his view on the events of the last seven days. This week, he casts his eye over Hugo Chazez's death,  a Mother's Day daffodil shortage and international students' right to the NHS. 

Death of Hugo Chavez

Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez died this week after a lengthy but secretive illness.

"Dictators usually live a long time, unless they are overthrown and executed. Hugo Chavez died at the comparatively young age of 58 which hints that he was not the traditional dictator, but a "21 century liberator"- a term he coined himself.

Recently, the president of Colombia said that Chavez was a model leader for the rest of South America. Many countries followed the Venezuelan process towards ‘21 century socialism' with a bit of democracy. However, Chavez‘s health has been debated for over a year. There are stories that he might have died long before the official announcement. The sudden cancelation of some public appearances only testifies to what could have been a political move playing for time.

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No NHS Treatment for International Students?

It has emerged that the government is considering introducing strict new regulations on the NHS which would prevent thousands of international students from using it. UK newspaper The Sunday Times found that Conservative ministers hope to enforce new rules that would reduce access to the NHS to only those ‘immigrants' had to have been living in the UK for a whole year.

Such laws would have a huge impact on all international students studying in the UK, and critics are already claiming that this would be the latest in a number of decisions putting overseas students off coming to the UK. Indeed, chief executive of the UK Council for International Student Affairs, Dominic Scott, said that if any such decision was made, it would be "yet one more sign that the UK is less welcoming" to international students. Paul White, from the University of Sheffield, echoed this view, arguing "the message that the introduction of such charging [for healthcare] would convey would be very negative".

This reaction was matched by contributor Erik Redli. A recent Slovakian graduate currently living in London, he knows the realities of the life of an international student in the UK, and believes that restricting use of the NHS simply isn't right:

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